Solar Street Vendor Light

Solar Street Vendor Light
MRP : ₹ 2500/-


Solar Street Vendor Light

  • Excellent product for street vendors during the day as well as night
  • Uses lightweight Li-ion battery for energy storage
  • Uses LED light along with lens for light
  • Strong metal body and stand for long life and structural stability
  • Uses solar panel to charge battery
  • Can be charged using AC-DC adapter ( From Electricity)
  • Musical one uses FM/Bluetooth/MP3 for entertainment and announcement using Memory Stick or Mobile Phone

Technical Specification

  • An innovative concept
  • Lights small shop or रेढ़ी
  • Light power 10 watt with lens
  • Facility to connect extra DC bulb/fan
  • Mobile charging facility
  • Comes with FM/Bluetooth and MP3 player
  • Li-ion battery (50WH) inside
  • Solar panel embedded for battery charging
  • Light dimming facility
  • Audio Volume
  • Strong good quality speaker
  • Strong telescopic stand for height increase/decrease
  • External charging using bigger solar panel or AC-DC adapter
  • Various parts can be disassembled and packed fast
  • Larger Li ion Battery(OR LiFePo4) can be inside


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